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"You have 3 seconds

to grab someone's attention then keep them engaged!"

We do this through




We grab audience attention using heat maps to find the best design for maximum effectiveness. 


Our presentations are designed to stimulate the brain by connecting your content messaging with the audience long term memory


We remove convoluted words and confusing information.  This gives the brain more processing power to understating your presentation.

WHY CHOOSE Innerslide?


We're tried and true.

We use proven methods and technology to achieve repeated, positive results.


We innovate for you.

We’re a team of dreamers, thinkers and creators. We strive to reach even higher standards with our products. 


Bespoke service.

Every project is customized to your needs and end goals for the best outcome.


Meeting deadlines

Sometimes you don't have time and need it done much sooner than expected. Come to us, we'll get it done.



We believe in sharing the power of innovation with our community!

Like America’s Test Kitchen™, Innerslide's COLLABORATIVE is a vibrant lightening rod for new ideas and innovation. We invite you to “test-drive” meeting innovations that offer solutions to improve your audience's journey.

LAB members offer research, new products, and services.

Member’s creative solutions make everyday meetings and workplace better. They blend high touch with high-tech solutions that can scale and solve meeting presentation issues for both the audience and presenters!

Partner Showcase

Using an Area of Interest feature, you can predict attention for one or multiple objects or elements within your visual to predict exactly how much attention it would get. The technology used in our partner's platform is based on solid computer vision research and results in an accuracy of 87% vs the 92% accuracy of traditional eye-tracking, according to the MIT benchmark.


About Us

In 1981, a small conference center development company was born out of a passion for creating spaces where people could connect, learn, and grow. The founders, driven by a vision to improve meeting and learning outcomes, soon realized that the key to impactful communication lay not just in the venues but in the way messages were delivered.


Today, Innerslide is at the forefront of transforming presentations and internal marketing messages based on audience-centric insights.  Our secret? A unique audience discovery algorithm that allows us to truly understand the needs, preferences, and behaviors of your audience. This insight helps us craft visually stunning and scientifically sound content that captivates and resonates.


Our founder, John Marenzana, brings a wealth of experience and expertise.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from Boston University.

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