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Leverage Your Meeting Investment with on-demand replays or pre-plays. We’ll re-purpose your slide presentation and meeting video recording into 'Smart Replays’ ensuring just-in-time access and basis for actions-taken on your meeting messages.


 WHY Smart Replays and Pre-Plays?

Spoken once, then forever gone?   Does your organization face lost-opportunity costs with its meetings? Research confirms on average people forget 70% of what they learned within 24 hours. And 90% in a week if easy access to post meeting reviews is not offered.

Learn What Replay/ Pre-Play offer & How it Works?


Equally powerful is Smart Pre-Play (asynchronous-first) as an alternative “too many meetings” with remote workers!  A 2022 Buffer survey reports that 52% of those surveyed prefer cogent, well-produced meeting “shorts” instead of video meetings.  Employees report less wasted time over synchronous video meetings.

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